Insectopia is retreating from trading live invertebrates!

Very few animals left at a reduced price.  If you wish to order, please don’t just go through PayPal but email for info.
We hope for your understanding.
Thank you for your continuous support.



Insectopia sells a variety of captive bred insects and enclosuresBuy insects as pets (care instructions provided),  for exhibition, for demonstrations and for education in schools or daycare (teachers aids provided).  For educational purposes, please take a look at our Breeding & Care Kit section as well as on our page dedicated to educational materials.  Please mention if buying kits for education to receive teachers aids.  See our Gallery for pictures of  insect pets and Living Animals for our full species list.  For insect kits including live animals, also see our Special Offers.  Please browse the STORE for more information!


Phalacrognathus muelleri

Phalacrognathus muelleri

Adult Rainbow Stag Bettles (Phalacrognathus muelleri) and Rhinoceros Beetles (Xylotrupes ulysses) as adults or as grubs (depending on season)
Housing available too.
For more information go to our coleoptera page.  Also contact martina@insectopia.com.au for any inquiries or to place an order.


For information on Stick Insects please visit our Living Animals page.  Some general information is available under Stick Insects and Leaf Insects.   Please also note our Enclosure Combos!   These are complete kits including live Phasmids and/or Stick Insect eggs.

Mantids do have their own page now.  Here you will find order information as well as lots of vital general information on mantis husbandry and how determine their gender.

Insectopia Pop up enclosure

Insectopia Pop up enclosure

On our  Enclosures & Equipment page you will find housing for various invertebrates.
Top items in store are our popular pop up mesh enclosure and the new analogue and digital probe Hygrometer and Thermometer.
For insect collectors we have UV torches for Scorpion  hunting and professional telescoping  insect/butterfly nets available.

digital probe Hygrometer and Thermometer with Min/Max memory and user adjustable alarm function for humidity and temperature retractable for transportScorpion hunt via UV flashlightArthropods in Resin Display Education

Insects, spiders, centipedes and scorpions set in lycite (clear plastic) are available as display blocks. These make a great present and are also ideal for use in  education.  Further items featuring specimens in lycite include novelty items like key rings, pendants  and computer mice.

Computer_mouse_CMI206 (2)

New to the store:  “Real Butterfly Wing Jewelry

Brand NEW:  Unique high quality Microfiber cloths with invertebrate design, New to the store: the exciting new Pocket Microscope!

Microfiber lens cleaning cloth Insectopia invertebrate design

Pocket microscope mini portable 45x LED illuminated Insectopia


smSale_picture_1Please also note our  specials with many species and combos on our Sales page!
We accept Bank Transfer or PayPal payments. Alternatively you can purchase directly using the PayPal buttons available for many of our products.


Contact martina@insectopia.com.au for any inquiries or to place an order.

At this point in time we ship animals only to QLD, NT, VIC, SA and NSW and to TAS & WA license holders.  No animal shipments to destinations outside of Australia.

WA & TAS  residents:

WA has relaxed the rules on keeping invertebrates. While there are import license requirements on the import of Australian invertebrates into WA, there are no license requirements regarding the keeping of invertebrates in WA for hobby purposes (pets). If you wish to purchase (an) invertebrate(s) from us please send an email to insectopia@online.ms and I will send you the application document for WA.

TAS : NO import permit required for:

  • Xylotrupes gideon (Rhino beetle)
  • Extatosoma tiaratum (Spiny)
  • Macropanesthia rhinoceros (Giant Burrowing Cockroach)

If you wish to order animals other than these, please check the importation requirements with your local authorities before making a purchase.  Please email us for the application form and send it to Biosecurity TAS. This may take up to 10 days for approval.


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