Living Animals

Animals are healthy, bred in captivity, come with a detailed care sheet and guarantee!
We are also happy to assist if you require additional advice on how to care for your new pet!
Express postage is $15,- per sending (Australia wide, flat up to 500g).
$2 surcharge on PayPal payments.

Most insects follow an annual cycle. Please email prior to going through PayPal so that we can confirm stock, discuss options or arrange mixed species orders.

Winter will be a great time to start raising your own stick insets with a breeding kit (hatching in spring). Breeding kits are available for all of our phasmid species!

Prices might be subject to change without notice.

Orders we carry:
Antlions – coming soon
Blattodea – Giant Burrowing Cockroaches
Coleoptera – various beetle species including Rainbow Stage Beetle and Rhinoceros Beetle
Mantodea – various mantis species including the Giant Rainforest Mantid
Pedes – Millipedes and Centipedes
Phasmids – Stick Insects

Limited number of other invertebrates available at times. Please always inquire prior to going through PayPal!:
– Giant Grasshopper (Valanga irregularis)
– Katydids

Giant Grasshopper / Giant Locust (Valanga irregularis) – gender and size depending on availability: $20. Please inquire for availability!
Very large – Australia’s biggest grasshopper. Females 60 to 75 mm, males 45 to 55 mm.
This species is highly variable in color!
Adults hide during winter and emerge around October when they mate and lay there eggs in pods in the ground. The eggs hatch around December. The nymphs take 2-3 months to mature.
They feed on a wide variety of ornamental and native shrubs. Popular food plants: Acalypha, Hibiscus, Bauhinia, vegetables/salad and palms.

Valanga irregularis

Giant Grasshopper

Spiny-legged rainforest katydid (Phricta spinosa) : sex and size depending on availability: $25. Please inquire for availability!
You should provide these with a chunk of bark or a bit of a tree trunk. During the day they rest on the bark but get active after dusk. They forage on various leaves but are happy to take various fruit and vegetables. The song of the males is incredible beautiful!

Rainforest Tree Katydid (Phricta spinosa)

Rainforest Tree Katydid (Phricta spinosa)

Rainforest Tree Katydid (Phricta spinosa)

Rainforest Tree Katydid (Phricta spinosa)

Please inquire if you want to be to place an order on any of the species that are now or will become available shortly.





Giant Rainforest Mantis Pre-Sub Giant Rainforest Mantis Giant Rainforest Mantis
Adult Female Adult Male Adult Male

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At this point in time we ship animals only to QLD, NT, VIC, SA and NSW. No animal shipments to other destinations.