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Stick Insect Life Cycle kit

These Kits include everything needed but a jar and foliage (including a detailed care instruction).
The species included are hardy, easy to rear and well suited for children. Teachers will receive additional information about stick insect morphology, ecology and life cycle, a stick-insect life cycle and some insect/stick insect activities for the children.

Various kits available ranging from $49 – $99 plus postage.  Please follow this link : Breeding/Care Kits  and/or email us for further information :

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For adaptations we usually recommend one of our Spiny Stick Insect kits as Spinys very clearly demonstrate several adaptations.
The spiny stick insect eggs are adapted to get carried away by ants.  Eggs look like seeds and they provide a little food parcel present (capitulum) for the ants to collect them like flowers provide nectar to attract animals for pollination services.  The eggs of spinys are very large and the capitulum is easy to spot.   Fresh nymphs resemble little ants when they hatch and run with their abdomen curled up like little mad ants (behavioral and structural adaptation). Then they run up a tree where they turn into a sessile creature that grows spines and changes color in order to blend in with the vegetation (behavioral and structural adaptation).  The behavioral adaptation of playing dead is perfectly displayed by Spinys too.
A good example for a physiological adaptation is parthenogenesis.  In the absence of males the females still can produce viable eggs (that will hatch into female stick insects only).  Another physical adaptation is wing development and prolonged antennae in adult males to go out and seek females (females don’t receive wings when turning adult).


Various kits available ranging from $49 – $99 plus postage.  Please follow this link : Breeding/Care Kits  and/or email us for further information :



Worm Farm – Coning Soon!

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High quality study/display Blocks

Minibeasts,  set in poly-resin blocks allowing to study the embedded animal from all sides without the danger of damaging it (pictures below).

Specimens are extremely well preserved.
The blocks are polished, with rounded corners and come protected in an attractive gift box.

6 species available now : Scorpion, Spider, Centipede, Mantis, Grasshopper, Beetle (individual photos on the “resin page”)

(Re Beetle:   Very impressive specimens!  Large males with large mandibles / antlers.  Due to the nature of beetles some air inclusions are inevitable.)

Individual sale:
73x41x24 mm poly-resin block scorpion: $14.95
73x41x24 mm poly-resin block spider: $14.95
110x43x28 mm poly-resin block centipede: $16.95
110x43x28 mm poly-resin block mantis: $16.95
110x43x28 mm poly-resin block giant grasshopper: $14.95
110x43x28 mm poly-resin block large stag beetle: $18.95
5x hand held magnifying glass with metal rim (75mm) : $10
Regular freight $8.25 up to 500g,
Express freight $10.55 up to 500g,
$14.80 for orders over 500g – up to 3kg.
Reduced postage of only $8.25/$10.55 on the complete set!!!!

Please email us if you wish to buy more than one block but not the whole set!

Display Resin Blocks regular postage (domestic)

Display Resin Blocks express postage (domestic)

Arthropods in Resin Display Education







Microscope Insect Slide Kit

A set of 12 prepared slides assembled in a storage box.

The slides are made from plastic to prevent accidents.

These ready to use slides are clearly labelled and also contain an image of the animal displayed, so that young children will have no problem to identify them.

 1 box,     $14.00 per box (12 slides in total)
2 boxes, $12.00 per box (24 slides in total)
3 boxes, $10.00 per box (36 slides in total)
5 boxes,  $9.00 per box  (60 slides in total)
If you need multiple items please email us for combined shipping!

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12 prepared insect slides each box