Invertebrates in Resin (Education, Novelty Items)

National postage for invertebrate in resin items up to 500g  is $8.25 standard postage or $10.55 via express.
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Optical USB computer mouse with a real invertebrate (black scorpion, golden scopion, orb weaver spider, green flower beetle)  encased in high quality clear poly-resin (lucite)!

The mouse has LED lights that light up and change color when in use!

Various models available:

  • 1. Real large scorpion embedded in glow in the dark poly-resin (Lucite)          discontinued  item!
  • 2. Real large Golden Scorpion embedded in clear poly-resin (Lucite)
  • 3. Real large orb weaver spider embedded in clear poly-resin (Lucite)           
  • 4. Real green Flower Beetle embedded in clear poly-resin (Lucite)
  • 5. Real scorpion and spider embedded in clear poly-resin (Lucite)

AUD 20.00 each

Optical USB LED computer mouse with real scorpion spider in poly resin lycite

Computer_Mouse_Black_Scorpion_5 (2)

Computermouse_clear_golden_scorpion (2) Computer_Mouse_Spider_clear (2)

Computermouse_beetle (2) Computer_mouse_CMI206 (2)

Optical USB computer mouse regular shipping (domestic)

Optical USB computer mouse express shipping (domestic)

High quality study/display Minibeasts,  set in poly-resin blocks allowing to study the embedded animal from all sides without the danger of damaging it (pictures below).
Ideal for repeated use in child education!
An outstanding gift with educational value that will last!
Specimens are extremely well preserved and embedded in high quality clear poly-resin (Lucite).
The blocks are polished, with rounded corners and come individually packed each in an attractive gift box.

6 species in total : Scorpion, Spider, Centipede, Mantis, Grasshopper and Beetle
4 specimens come encased in large 110x43x28 mm poly-resin blocks (Centipede, Mantis, Giant Grasshopper, Beetle).
2 specimens come in slightly smaller 73x41x24 mm poly-resin blocks (Scorpion, Spider).

1 complete set of 6 display resin blocks : $89.00
1 complete set of 6 display resin blocks plus Magnifying Glass : $99.00
(save 10 % to single purchase plus also save on postage!)

(Re Beetle:   Very impressive specimens!  Large males with large mandibles / antlers.  See picture below.  Due to the nature of beetles some air inclusions are inevitable.)

Individual sale:
73x41x24 mm poly-resin block scorpion: $14.95
73x41x24 mm poly-resin block spider: $14.95
110x43x28 mm poly-resin block centipede: $16.95
110x43x28 mm poly-resin block mantis: $16.95
110x43x28 mm poly-resin block giant grasshopper: $14.95
110x43x28 mm poly-resin block large stag beetle: $18.95
5x hand held magnifying glass with metal rim (75mm) : $10
Regular freight $8.25 up to 500g,
Express freight $10.55 up to 500g,
$14.80 for orders over 500g – up to 3kg.
Reduced postage of only $8.25/$10.55 on the complete set!!!!

Please email us if you wish to buy more than one block but not the whole set!

Display Resin Blocks regular postage (domestic)

Display Resin Blocks express postage (domestic)

ST3254 Beetle Real_nature_spider_DSCN5627 ST3373a ST3376 ST3377

5x Magnifying Glass

5x Magnifying Glass

Odonto stevensi limbata_a Real_Nature_Beetle_DSCN5625

Display Box of Minibeasts embedded in Poly-Resin (Lycite)

Display Box Resin Blocks

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